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Theresa in Customer Service was very helpful in getting me what I wanted.

Kathy G.

I spoke to Robert. He was very helpful and able to fix my problem.

Sally G.

Jen was extremely helpful in providing me information on my payment due date. She also assured me that she would send out an April statement toward the end of March as a reminder. I am greatly appreciative of her efforts to offer assistance. I was very pleased with my Customer Service experience.

Alice G.

N.R.E. Today was a great day. Last week I got your letter in the mail about this company. It told me of the magazines that I get, seven in total that I am happy with! I am saving a boat load of cash here!!!!! The kicker; I called customer service and spoke to a representative, Mr. Ryan Wagner, this guy is great! He knows your company very well and he explained my benefits package without any bull. I am glad I joined National Renewal Exchange.

Darnell J.

My experience started out kind of rough in the beginning, but Jen made my experience more understandable. I must admit, I’m forgetful about things at times, but she had so much patience with me and my complaint that she made me feel a whole lot better about paying for my magazines I think, honestly, she needs a raise and I give her the utmost respect because her attitude was A-1. She is great in Customer Service. Thank you.

Geranda B.

Really enjoy the magazines offered from NRE. I just talked with Theresa about changing some of the subscriptions to new ones. She was very professional and pleasant to talk with. Another employee, A.J., has also been a great help with my account. Keep up the good work N.R.E. Thank you.

Patsy C.

I called about my subscriptions and online access. Kathy, a Service Representative, was very informative and helpful. I am pleased with the service.

Albert H.

I replaced my magazines online. I received a call back from Customer Service Rep, Joe. He verified my exchanges and did not hassle me into anything else. He updated everything that I needed in a timely fashion. His reputation is very put together and efficient. As a person who has heard the publicity, rest assured that a representative like Joe is someone you will want to continue to deal with.

Tanishia V.

Jen was very helpful and I had a very pleasant call!

Samuel C.

Cathy was very helpful about answering my questions about billing and why I was receiving a certain magazine. She knows her job. She has a great sense of humor and we had a good conversation while taking care of business.

Cynthia S.

I am very happy to say that my experience with A.J. today was very good. She resolved all of my problems and made me feel like she was working for me and not trying to sell me more magazines. Thanks to A.J. I feel like my problem was resolved and I am glad that I spoke with her.

Bobby M.

Great Customer Service provided today by Kathy. Courteous and efficient. Great combination when it comes to providing outstanding service.

Jose A.

I am very happy with my magazine subscription service and enjoyed talking with Theresa on the phone. The magazines arrive in good condition and current with my activities.

James G.

I spoke with a Customer Service Representative named Theresa. Her professional knowledge helped guide me into selecting magazines that fit my personality.

Bryan W.

I talked to one of your employees today named Jason. I was going to cancel my order. He went out of his way to find a order at a price I could afford. Not many people do that anymore. He is a pleasure to talk to and AAAA+ helpful, polite and a pleasure to do business with. Thank you very much, Jason.

Wayne S.

I called Customer Service and spoke to Theresa and had all my concerns handled. I am very satisfied with her courtesy and professional way, so thank you very much.

Ron M.

Today I had the most pleasurable conversation with Robert. He was kind, understanding and VERY helpful in fulfilling my needs. He really listened and that is why I am such a satisfied customer! This has been a positive and memorable experience.

Lisa M.

Jen is a wonderful Customer Service person who has helped me throughout the year, especially when their has been times of struggle working part-time, waiting for that “dream job”. Jen has been very cooperative and encouraging on a personal level. She is the type of person who can “do business” and make her customer smile at the same time. She doesn’t forget to call when a customer needs a reminder or just a wake up call regarding his/her account. Jen is pretty awesome!!

Shirley O.